Honor A Caregiver

"My Guide for Caring For Martha"

I observed and noted the symptoms for all three (3) stages of Alzheimer’s disease and developed these guidelines.

My observations were from my care giving for my wife, Martha. My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2004.

I was her sole caretaker and observed all the symptoms noted and developed the guidelines for each symptom.

My most important guideline is to maintain a positive attitude, continue to improve my capabilities, remember that the patient is a gift from heaven and to always keep my promises.

Caregiver's Guidelines for Alzheimer’s Patients


I understand her situation,
I accept her state.
I don't expect too much,
And I don't try to anticipate.

I know it's up to me to change,
She does her best,
I learn to respond to her needs,
And I always do my best.

I am her words,
I am her memories,
I will always love her,
And I will always hold her in my heart.

I will always maintain a positive attitude,
And always keep my promises,
I will remember that love endures all things,
Because she is my gift from Heaven.

C. F. Davan, Jr.