Stage 1

o Less energy
o Memory loss
o Mood swings
o Slow to react
o Shy away from anything new
o Speech and understanding slower
o Gets lost
o Hide any items they think valuable
o Can’t pay bills, write letters or read
o Become depressed, irritable and aggressive
o Hallucinations

Stage 2

o Becoming disabled
o Events become difficult to remember
o Loss of comprehension
o Can’t tell time or know dates or days
o Loss of understanding questions
o Patient starts to have bladder and bowel continence
o Doesn’t recognize familiar faces
o Loses proper speech – can’t make a sentence

Stage 3

o More unresponsive
o Loses all control of bladder and bowel function
o No one is recognizable
o Loses ability to chew an swallow 
o Loss of mobility
o Loss of speech and understanding
o Becomes bedridden – sleeps 14 – 18 hours per day 
o Can’t feed themselves 
o Receptive to diseases
o Coma and death

Stages of Alzheimer's